Proven airport operational strength

The Rosenbauer BUFFALO is an ARFF vehicle of the tried and tested CBS series, conceived for rapid and efficient operation on runways as well as off-road on difficult terrain.

A product that meets the highest requirements and demands of airport firefighters thanks to its optimally coordinated Rosenbauer components. The BUFFALO is specifically equipped for the airport area with innovative and practical solutions that are perfectly integrated into the whole system.

CBS fire fighting truck bodies are modular. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the vehicle can be individualized by combining a variety of components for varying requirements.

  • Fabrication of customized solutions: With its modular body concept, the CBS series offers maximum individuality. The body modules are separately fabricated according to the requirements and desires of the customer, including all fire fighting equipment, and then fully assembled. The individual modules then only need to be positioned and attached onto the chassis.
  • Positioning the first module: In the first step of assembly, the pump box module is positioned on the very rear of the chassis. To accomplish this, a subframe with flexible support for the body components is mounted on the chassis, to which the first module is then anchored.
  • Positioning all body modules: Over the course of fabrication, the additional body components, such as the HRET module, tank module or tool box and foam proportioning system module are integrated into the new vehicle.
  • Fixation of the modules: Once all modules are in position, they are aligned on the frame, bolted together, and installed. All electrical and mechanical interfaces are then connected.
  • The HRET module: The stinger high reach extendable turret (HRET) is a boom developed by Rosenbauer with long reach and an extremely large range of motion. If the customer desires this to be part of the CBS system, it is positioned, fitted, and attached as soon as all modules are bolted down.
  • The result: Upon completion of Rosenbauer’s modern fabrication, the customer will receive his individual CBS series emergency vehicle, specially built to meet his needs and requirements.

The firefighting technology of the BUFFALO was developed and manufactured by Rosenbauer. It is a self-contained, high performance system, which is completely integrated into the vehicle concept:

  • Rosenbauer firefighting pump with an output of up to 7,000 l/min at 10 bar
  • Pump drive via power takeoff or via own pump engine for simultaneous driving and firefighting
  • Fully automated foam systems
  • Water/foam roof turret
  • Water/foam front turret
  • Undertruck nozzles on all wheels and on the front of the vehicle
  • Rapid intervention systems with hose reel

CAFS compressed air foam system, dry powder units and CO2 firefighting systems as well as HRET STINGER booms are available optionally.

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Brochure CBS
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