Aerial ladders

From operations for operations.

New developments and advancements for Rosenbauer aerial ladders and hydraulic platforms are directly ‘based on our practical experience. We react immediately and consistently to ever-changing operational conditions. Usability for fire fighters is always our main focus. This is one of the reasons why fire departments all over the world rely on Rosenbauer.


Regardless of whether narrow streets, next to parked cars, or in dense urban parks – the scenes where aerial ladder vehicles are deployed differ just as much as the requirements for live loads and functionality. In order to provide rescuers access to previously unreachable scenes, Rosenbauer’s engineers have therefore placed considerable value on flexible set-up options and a compact action radius.

From compact to sky-high

The sophisticated modular system from Metz Technology offers the right product for every application and operational situation fire departments face. The innovative family of aerial ladders starts at a rescue height of 20 meters and extends all the way up to 64 meters. A good vantage point for successful operations.

Aerial ladderL20L27L32L32A-XSL39L40A-XSL44L56L64
Working height21.0 m27.4 m33.2 m32.0 m40.0 m40.0 m43.6 m56.2 m64.0 m
Horizontal reach 1- personnel limit with cage16.0 m22.2 m23.8 m22.4 m21.1 m19.4 m17.0 m22.0 m20.0 m
Maximum cage load450 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg450 kg450 kg450 kg450 kg300 kg
Set-up time58 sec.65 sec.70 sec.70 sec.80 sec.80 sec.88 sec.120 sec.127 sec.
Jacking width2.50 m4.50 m4.85 m4.85 m4.85 m4.85 m4.85 m5.70 m5.70 m
FA/P versionyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Compact designyesyesyesyes

Firefighting and rescue at the same time

The “First attack” versions of the aerial ladders provide for optimal rescue, extinguishing, and assistance operations. With universal application, these vehicles can be individually equipped with truck-mounted pumps, water tanks, crew cabins, a rapid intervention hose reel, and technical equipment, including hydraulic rescue tools for the most varied of operational uses. All first attack­ components are fabricated from a single source and guarantee the highest quality and reliability.

Sophisticated down to the smallest detail

The modern 5-man cage with a live load of 500 kg and 300 kg load for swiveling stretcher support. It is equipped with a 2-pin socket for a stretcher (placed directly on the floor of the cage) as well as a wheelchair transport option. It has a removable multifunctional column, an integrated water supply with optimized flow, and an attachable turret that can remain in the cage even in idle position.

Wheelchair accommodation for better rescue
The accommodation of wheelchairs in aerial ladder rescue cages is a new feature. A wheelchair can be accommodated, anchored, and securely transported with the help of a special attachment for the cage floor. Once on the ground, the wheelchair including patient can be safely pushed from the rescue cage.

Four entry points
Depending on the situation, emergency crews can access the cage from any side. The ladder set is accessed comfortably and safely via the rear entry point. For unimpeded entry, the cage control panel can be folded to the side out of the way. This creates three entry points on the front side of the cage.

Stable accommodation of stretchers
The stretcher is placed in the middle of the cage floor. This increases stability and prevents the cage from tipping sideways. The patient is easily accessible for both firefighters in the cage and can be optimally treated and even given artificial respiration at any time.

Swiveling control panel
The control panel was positioned on the left side. This keeps the cage operator always in view from the main control panel position. The middle of the cage is also kept free for easy and safe entry and exit.

Patented box nodes design

The patented box nodes design distributes the forces evenly across the top and bottom belts. This increases the torsional stiffness of the overall ladder set.

Extremely wide access hatch.
The step-through width is 54 cm on the top part of the ladder section. Therefore, emergency crews are able to climb the ladder without bottlenecks, even in full gear.

Optimum grip
Thanks to the large rung gap, the ladder set can also be climbed when rungs are over rungs – for optimal grip security even when rungs are aligned.

Extensive recovery possibilities.
The exceptional stability of the ladder set makes it possible to lift, swivel, and lower loads. Up to 4,000 kg can be moved at an elevation angle of 60° depending on the size of the ladder. Additionally, the ladder can also be used as a bridge for mass rescues. Up to 15 persons can climb the ladder at a time depending on the type of ladder.

Highly developed rescue lift.
The outstanding properties of the new rescue lift increase rescue rates by 50%. The large amount of space offers capacity for three people. Ergonomic handles close the gap to the cage for easy entry and ensure extreme safety when exiting from the cage to the lift. The side egress point on the bogie makes it easy to exit from the lift to the ground in any position.

Stable body with a clear view of the essentials

Since many operations occur at night or in conditions of poor visibility, it is especially important that the scene of the operation is optimally illuminated. Rosenbauer has integrated a sophisticated lighting concept for this. For the best illumination, modern lighting technology is perfectly integrated into the body.

Thanks to a robust aluminum design and other high-quality materials, the body can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Entry and egress points are particularly ergonomic. They are also perfectly visible, even from above, and safe to use.

Automatic leveling system

The automatic leveling system holds the ladder set in horizontal position up to an inclination angle of 10° in the longitudinal or transverse direction of the vehicle. The leveling system automatically turns on when the aerial ladder starts up.

Expanded leveling system
If the automatic leveling system is not sufficient for an operation, it can be expanded by an inclination angle of up to 14° with help of the outrigger. This ensures that Rosenbauer aerial ladders are ready for safe and reliable operation even in the most extreme situations. This allows for superb leveling on uneven terrain.

Compact-C design
An optional compact bogie is available for vehicles of 20 to 32 m. This bogie makes it possible to navigate in the tightest of spaces thanks to the minimal overhang over the vehicle contour itself.

Stabilizing vertical-horizontal jacking system

Every Rosenbauer aerial ladder is equipped with a hydraulic vertical-horizontal jacking system for stability. All support movements in the horizontal and vertical direction are continuously controllable within the maximum support range.

Narrow operational situations

The jacking system in the contour makes it is possible to extend the telescopic boom by the full extension length and rotate 360° even in narrow 3 m operational situations.

Jacking system adaptable to the terrain

The jacking system can easily move over obstacles. Rosenbauer aerial ladders achieve optimal stability even on uneven surfaces, because each jack adapts individually to the conditions of the terrain or street.

Extreme operational variability

The variable jacking system allows the aerial ladder to be extended to such a height that it is able to swivel over obstacles with the overhang of the turret, thus making operations below ground possible thanks to the ladder’s inclination angle up to ­22°.

Acting intuitively with a focus on what’s important

Rosenbauer aerial ladders are adapted for rapid, everyday use and are characterized by easy, intuitive operation. The only way to guarantee safety and reliability in an emergency – from the start of the operation all the way to successful firefighting or rescue.

Modern CAN-bus control

The proven CAN-bus control system as well as clearly organized symbols and clearly arranged display instruments guarantee the operator the highest degree of safety and simplest operation in stressful situations.

The operation is considerably simplified by certain control functions.

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