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Certified as to EN 469:2005 + A1:2006 incl. Annex B and EN 1149-5:2008

The new FIRE MAX 3 protective suit was specially developed to offer firefighters the highest degree of protection while at the same time providing them with the best wear comfort. Certified as to EN 61482-1-2:2007-12, class 2 eletric arc test. Moreover Rosenbauer fire protection clothing is tested according to EN ISO11612, protection against liquid iron splashes. The new FIRE MAX 3 impresses with a maximum degree of comfort, a sporty style and many practical details.

he FIRE MAX 3 particularly distinguishes itself through its low weight of just 1.63 kg for the jacket and 1.46 kg for the pants (size 48-50 C). FIRE MAX 3 is available in various colors with the following exteriors:

  • NOMEX® Tough in dark blue
  • NOMEX® Tough in gold
  • NOMEX® NXT in red, gold and dark blue
  • PBI Matrix in golden yellow
  • X55 with PBI in golden yellow / dark brown
  • High-quality PTFE membrane

    The new FIRE MAX 3 is made of a completely new fabric. A high-quality PTFE membrane is used for the first time, which ensures a high degree of breathability while at the same time ensuring the best possible heat resistance.

    Thanks to the new composition, perspiration is transported away from the body to the exterior very quickly, which generally prevents heat accumulation.

    In a Ret Test (Resistance to Evaporating Heat Transfer) the new fabric achieved a low value of just 15 m2Pa/W. The lower the value, the better the breathability of the material. The required standard value is ≤ 30 m in the highest class2Pa/W.

    Safety without compromise

    Despite the excellent breathability, a safety thermal lining is used in the FIRE MAX 3 to also provide a good protection in extreme situations.

This version of the proven FIRE MAX 3 Jacket can be equipped with an integrated safety belt or rescue strap. The optional Rosenbauer IRS belt is installed (or retrofitted) into an internal tunnel in the jacket, giving the wearer the ability to secure victims or – in extreme cases – to facilitate his own rescue. The optional IRS belt is certified according to EN 1498 Class A and EN 358. It consists of an 85 mm wide aramid belt with a triple lock HMS aluminum carabiner according to EN 362.

Extensive reflective striping is another highlight of the IRS jacket. With HuPF-like reflective striping, the jacket alone complies with Annex B of EN 469 (even the smallest size). As a result, it is unnecessary to wear a warning vest in some countries (warning vest exemption), as stipulated by statutory requirements.

The IRS jacket is additionally equipped with a robust quick-release zipper. Two Velcro pieces on the back allow for a sign (38 x 8 cm) to be attached.

  • With the FIRE MAX 3 PBI NEO, Rosenbauer has developed protective clothing never before seen in the world of firefighting. The benefit to this particular outer fabric is the use of a PBI high-performance fabric with excellent tensile strength values, even better flame resistance, and a distinctive look.

    Its strengths: high tensile strength and flame resistance

    The new material with PBI is especially characterized by extremely good mechanical properties. When it comes to resistance, the FIRE MAX 3 PBI NEO achieves eight times the performance required by standard EN 469. In terms of tear propagation resistance, the suit exceeds the minimum requirements many times over (up to 600 N as per ISO 4674-1 procedure B). 

Emergency crews often have to work for many hours under the most difficult of conditions. Whether in rain, cold or in extreme heat – a protective suit must not only ensure optimum safety but must also offer the best possible comfort.

A great deal of value was placed on optimal fit, a sporty cut and good wearing comfort in the design of the FIRE MAX 3. Additionally, know-how of fit and practical features from the area of functional sports clothing also contributed
to the development of the new protective suit.

The new FIRE MAX 3 is equipped with numerous features and functional accessories:

  • Flame protection collar that can be pulled up to just below the helmet
  • Heat protectors on shoulders
  • Ergonomically shaped and reinforced elbows
  • Individual adjustment of sleeve length
  • Sleeve end with new type of NOMEX®Knitted cuff and thumb hole
  • Left-sided retaining tab for hand-held microphone
  • Radio pockets on both sides
  • No ingression of moisture thanks to the absorption barrier made from PU-coated aramide fabric
  • 5 cm wide, removable suspenders
  • Fly with zipper and Velcro fastener, covered with flap
  • Reinforcements in knee area, pant seam and inside the pants cuff
  • Optimal fit to the waist thanks to elastic band
  • 15 x 2.5 cm Velcro tab to attach a name badge to jacket and pants
  • Ergonomically shaped knee area with reinforcement and fixed sewn-in knee padding made from water-repellent cellular rubber
  • Inspection openings to check the condition of the membranes

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Brochure FIRE MAX 3
Brochure FIRE MAX 3
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