Proven time and again

Certified according to EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRCand AS / NZS 4821:2006

The TWISTER’s success story writes its next chapter. It has already proven itself a thousandfold as a heat and fire resistant boot. With new functions, the Rosenbauer TWISTER is now even better suited to the tough daily grind of the firefighter.

The whole TWISTER line is impressive:

  • Fitted with the BOA® lacing system
  • With Sympatex® membrane
  • 4 Flex zones for more freedom of movement
  • Ankle protection
  • Reflective elements in visible area
  • Robust pull straps
  • Steel toe
  • Available in widths 10 and 12

The previous TWISTER model is also available with chainsaw prote

  • Thanks to the BOA®lacing system, the TWISTER can be put on in a flash and taken off just as quickly. The lacing system can also be adjusted at any time and allows uniform lacing of the boot.
  • The comfort padding and the 4 flex zones ensure optimum wear comfort – also when crawling, kneeling and driving.
  • At just 2.7 kg (per pair, size 42), the TWISTER is also an absolute lightweight.
  • Materials like the Sympatex®membrane and the hydrophobic waterproof leather make the TWISTER largely waterproof.
  • The multi-layer sole design with airbags between them ensures excellent cold and heat insulation.
  • The ankle protection as well as steel inserts and the steel toe caps protect the foot against injuries.
  • Reflective elements in the visible area offer maximum visibility, even in combination with overpants.

Optimum fit

A ruptureproof steel cable and a push-rotary knob enable rapid putting on and taking off and ensures optimum fit in seconds. The lacing system is easy to use and extremely robust.

Easily adjustable any time

The boot can be easily adjusted to the foot shape at any time. A small turn of the coiler is all it takes.

Tough and robust like stainless steel

A coated, stainless and ruptureproof, stainless steel cable is guided over the guide rails through the whole leg of the boot. The cord is optimally protected by coating. Boots with the BOA®lacing system are extremely easy to clean, as debris cannot easily stick to it.

It’s that easy!

  1. Fasten BOA®-coiler
  2. Push the leather tongue forward and put it on
  3. Press the BOA®-coiler
  4. Turn the BOA®-coiler with the edge of your hand until the boot fits perfectly

BOA® is a registered trade mark of BOA® Technology Inc.

  • BOA®Coiler
    The rotary knob, the so-called coiler, is the core of the lacing system. It is made of extremely heat-resistant and robust plastic and serves to wind up the coated stainless steel cord. The coiler can be opened or closed simply by pulling and pressing.
  • Coated stainless steel cord
    Hidden behind the black plastic is a coated, stainless, rupture-proof stainless steel cord. This robust cord serves for the uniform lacing of the boot. The cord is optimally protected by coating. Boots with the BOA®lacing system are extremely easy to clean, as debris cannot easily stick to it.
  • Rosenbauer BOA®-Shield
    Snagging when climbing ladders or opening the coiler with overpants are a thing of the past. With the Rosenbauer BOA®shield the coiler is optimally protected.
  • Guide rails
    The guide rails are also made of ultra heat-resistant and robust plastic.

*BOA®is a registered trademark of BOA®Technology Inc.

 TWISTERTWISTER with chainsaw protection
Weightapprox. 2.7 kg (per pair, size 42)approx. 2.8 kg (per pair, size 42)
Width10 and 1210 and 12
Leg heightapprox. 280 mm (without  sole, size 42)approx. 280 mm (without  sole, size 42)
Sizes available36 to 52*

36 to 52*

* Sizes 36 and 50 to 52 are special sizes. Price and delivery time on request.

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Certificate TWISTER
Certificate TWISTER
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