Powerful, light, and easier to operate than ever before.

The new RS 14 SUPER SILENT series power generators combine powerful performance with a modern operating concept. Even in extremely high ambient temperatures that can easily cause the instrument and fuel to overheat, the RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generator proves its resilience and endurance. It always performs reliably. It is precisely what makes it such an indispensable tool in fire fighting operations.

The RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generator series are the power packs par excellence for firefighting operations. These power generators and generator governors can withstand maximum loads, and are also oriented toward the operation of heavy starters. 

  • Extremely light: more than 6 kg lighter than its predecessor
  • Digital display: modern, intuitive display, for larger and more flexible representations
  • Emergency operation: guarantees reliable operation of the generator in any situation

The RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generator is available in the standard colors of red and yellow. On request, the power generator can also be painted any other color. 

Tried and tested components make the RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generator what it is: A solid power pack, essential in fire fighting operations. 

  • Reliable engine with high-quality stainless stell exhaust system for low noise and lifelong operation
  • Extremely powerful synchronous generator and generator gonvernor for high starting currents
  • Automatic choke for best startup behaviour under all conditions
  • Impact-resistant glass fibre reinforced plastic housing
  • Powerful and low-maintenance battery
  • Easily accessbile circuit breakers
  • Tried and tested manual starting device for starting without a battery or with a defective battery

It is simple, but with a significantly higher information content. It is completely new, yet entirely familiar to firefighters. The new digital control display delivers detailed information about utilization, voltage, and fuel level. Designed aesthetically in typical Rosenbauer fashion, the new series makes intuitive, uniform, and thus simple operation even easier, from portable fire pumps and ATs to power generators.

Digital display:
The indicator display is now digital. This means the display is more modern, intuitive, larger, and more flexible.

Four main screens:
The main view, detail view, expert view, and service view not only deliver much more information than ever before. They are also easy to understand and perfectly legible for the user.

Improved error or message display:
Errors are displayed with standardized messages.

The design of the new refueling concept of the RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generator is revolutionary. Until now, firefighters had to manually switch to canister operation for external refueling using a 3-way valve. This is a thing of the past now. Pressing the “External refueling” button activates a fuel pump and supplies the power generator with fuel from the canister, regardless of the elevation of the canister. The innovative fuel concept also allows the RS 14 SUPER SILENT to be used in extremely high ambient temperatures.

Less noise, less consumption. With the ECO mode.

The ECO mode (electronic speed reduction) ensures minimal noise and lower fuel consumption. If consumers are switched off, the power generator runs at reduced speed with low noise emission. Once consumers are switched on, the motor automatically increases to the nominal speed and the full output is available immediately. ECO mode is available as an option for all RS 14 SUPER SILENT series power generators.

When things get dicey: emergency operation

The new RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generators are now equipped with an emergency operation switch for the first time. And should the battery or electronics fail, the RS 14 SUPER SILENT can be started by hand to continue to supply power easily and without problems. This means that firefighters can depend on the power generator operating reliably at all times.

A small yet incredibly practical detail is the 12 V constant voltage source, which from now on is standard on the front side of every RS 14 SUPER SILENT. It is not only intended for connecting RLS1000 and RLS2000 LED lighting heads; this 12 V plug is also an additional energy source for small consumers, such as chargers.

Numerous options and accessories are available for the new series of the RS 14 SUPER SILENT power generator, such as

  • A wheel set for easy and fast transport, even by a single person
  • RLS1000 and RLS2000 lighting systems: turns night to day
  • Pole-reversing switch for a socket, 400 V CEE
  • Exhaust gas deflector for upwards discharge
  • Exhaust gas hose: keeps the exhaust gases away from the vehicle and operators
  • Battery temperature monitoring
  • Starter battery 12 V / 18 Ah
  • Automatic choke
  • Magcode charging socket
  • CITY three-phase socket, 400 V CEE

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