Tougher than any incident.

The new generation of HEROS firefighting helmets.

It is safety through experience. It is light-weight through knowledge and technology. It is the realization of innovative ideas. It is state-of-the-art for optimal protection and maximum wear comfort during operations: the new HEROS-titan firefighting helmet from Rosenbauer. Developed for the world’s most extreme operations, it fulfills all important standards and certifications for firefighting helmets: EN 443:2008, EN 16471, EN 16473 and ISO 16073:2011.

Impresses with

Trust is good, comparison makes sure. The difference is in the details.

Important comfort characteristics

  • Good wear comfort, the fit is perfect
  • At just approx. 1.3 kg, the helmet sits comfortably and securely, even during long operations
  • Wide size range from 49 to 67 – with the same helmet shell
  • Easy size adjustment from outside by means of improved rotary knob
  • The helmet weight can be aligned to the body’s axis
  • Headband, front section, helmet band, and chin strap can be adjusted
  • Optimal, individual setting for every head shape
  • Easy replacement of components
  • Disassembly of the interior fittings without tools

Important quality characteristics

  • Powerful helmet torch, mounted directly onto the helmet
  • Visors also suitable for eyeglass wearers
  • Mask adapters can be set flexibly and are suitable for all common respirator masks
  • Integrated edge protection protects the helmet from impact and damage
  • High user and service friendliness
  • Interior fittings can be washed up to 60 °C

Important safety features

  • High quality firefighting helmets like the HEROS-titan comply with the latest standards and certifications:
    • EN 443:2008
    • EN 16471 Technical rescue
    • EN 16473 Helmets for wildland fire fighting
    • Additional testing of electrical isolation
    • Additional testing of chemical resistance
    • ISO 16073:2011
  • Temperature resistant from -40 to 300 °C
  • Large and small visor protect the face and comply with EN 14458:2004
  • The neck protector is made of heat-resistant and flame-retarding materials

Light materials – maximum wear comfort

Minimum weight with maximum protection – that’s what sets the new HEROS-titan firefighting helmet from Rosenbauer apart. At approx. 1.3 kg, it is so light that it maintains a comfortable and secure fit even after a long period. The newly developed “Dynamic Line” edge guide lends it the highest stability.

One helmet shell for all sizes.

An additional highlight of the new HEROS-titan is its wide range of sizes. Thanks to a vast size selection from 49 to 67, every fire fighter can have a perfectly fitting helmet. The extremely safe helmet shell is the same for all sizes.

High user and service friendliness

Maintain and replace elements of the new HEROS-titan in no time. With only 10 components, handling, washing, or changing the internal fittings of the protective helmet can be done lighting fast. Disassembly of individual components does not require tools and all settings can be adjusted without removing the interior fittings. The complete helmet is also washable, for which there is a special sponge bag.

The best protection is that which is not felt.

The HEROS-titan from Rosenbauer ensures a perfect fit with its innovative concept. Adjusting the internal fittings of the new full protection helmet for a perfect fit is possible in just a few steps.

1. Wear height
The wearing height can be adjusted in the internal fittings thanks to the headbands. The wearing height is easiest to adjust when the interior fittings are removed.

2. Headbands
The headband can be adjusted on both sides to three different stages.

3. Chin strap padding
The position of the chin strap padding near the ears is also adjustable.

4. Rotary knob
The wear comfort can now be adjusted at any time using the external rotary knob – very easily, even when wearing firefighting gloves.

5. Optimized center of gravity
The optimized center of gravity is also new and unique to the HEROS-titan. The helmet can be optimally aligned to the body’s center of gravity by pressing the helmet shell away from or closer to the interior fittings. The distance to the visor is also quick and easy to adjust.

The optional reduction set enables safe and simple adaptation to especially small head sizes. Handling is easier than ever before thanks to the labeling of all adjustment options directly on the helmet.

Clear view. Free hands.

The new thermal imaging camera that can be integrated on the HEROS-titan is unique worldwide. The camera is simply attached to the helmet and the current field of view is transferred to the display as a heat image. The incorporated torch is a true plus in functionality. With the combination of thermal imaging camera and lamp integrated directly on the helmet, firefighters have optimal support in the search for missing persons and the detection of fires and hot spots. The great advantage: emergency crews have both hands-free at all times.

  • High resolution of 384 x 288 pixels
  • Display size of 2.5″ (inches) 4:3 format
  • Temperature display from -15 °C up to +550 °C
  • Low weight of 427 g (including batteries)
  • Integrated helmet torch with 2 high-performance LEDs with 280 Lumen (in combination or can be used individually)
  • 2.5 hours of operating time
  • 5 color representations
  • Operated by 2 x lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries
  • Ex protection (certification in progress)
  • Simple click attachment to the front shield of the helmet

Radiotelephones enable flawless communication when wearing helmets and respirator masks. They increase occupational safety under the most difficult of operating conditions, such as e.g., loud noise or acute danger. Three different versions are available for speaking:

  • Goose-neck microphone
  • Contact microphone, which is fixed to the inside of the top of the helmet
  • Airborne sound microphone

Universal adapter for HEROS-titan and HEROS-smart

A helmet adapter is required for fixing the headset to the helmet. The universal adapter enables quick and easy attachment of the headset to the helmest HEROS-titan and HEROS-smart. The adapter can be mounted on both left or right side of the helmet.

Rosenbauer offers a number of different communication systems:

CeoTronics voice radio sets:

  • CeoTronics CT-FlexCom goose-neck microphone
  • CeoTronics CT-SkullMike contact microphone

SAVOX radio telephone sets:

  • SAVOX HC-1 contact microphone
  • SAVOX HC-E airborne sound microphone
  • SAVOX MPH goose-neck microphone

HOLMCO radio telephone sets:

  • SCORPION goose-neck microphone

IMTRADEX radio telephone sets:

  • FireTalkS goose-neck microphone

PPT key

Rosenbauer offers various PPT keys for radio telephone sets from CeoTronics, SAVOX, Holmco and Imtradex.

Suitable for all common respirator masks.

HEROS-titan helmet and mask combined.
HEROS-titan helmet and mask combined.
HEROS-titan helmet and mask combined.
HEROS-titan helmet and mask combined.


Brochure HEROS-titan
Brochure HEROS-titan